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About My Appellate Law Practice and Career

I am pleased that you are taking the time to learn about my law firm in Roanoke, Virginia, that focuses on appeals. Many lawyers will say they do appeals, although appellate work is only one part of their busy law practices. In contrast, I am dedicated solely to the area of appeals.  I have associated as Of Counsel with The Law Firm of James Steele, PLLC and refer inquiries on traffic cases, landlord-tenant disputes, estate planning, and bankruptcy to the fine attorneys at that firm.  For adoption, criminal matters, domestic relations, immigration, personal injury, and real estate matters, I will be happy to refer you to qualified attorneys in the Roanoke Valley.

After completing law school in 1993, I worked as a law clerk for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Virginia. In this capacity, I had abundant exposure to the factors that go into successful civil appeal cases, as well as successful criminal appeals. With this in-depth knowledge and experience, I launched my appellate practice, where I put my deep insights to work for the benefit of clients whose civil and criminal verdicts are worthy of appeal.

For an overview of the scope of my current law practice, look over the information presented on this site. Better yet, get answers regarding your own potential appellate case in a consultation with me at your convenience. You can also learn more about my career by visiting the link below:

How My Approach Is Different

Over the years in my work within the Virginia Court System, I built a strong reputation in the legal community. I became known for my professionalism, strong work ethic and attention to detail. Others who came into contact with me and my work recognized the in-depth research that I devote to every case I work on in any capacity.

Because of my years of experience with the court, I am always up to date on all aspects of appeals and appellate processes. I am ready to dig into a new case without delay.