Effective November 1, 2022, the Virginia Appellate Lawyer website and email will not be maintained or monitored and will cease operations after November 30, 2022. Existing clients of John S. Koehler. P.C. may contact Mr. Koehler at this email: [email protected]. Mr. Koehler is no longer accepting new clients except by referral from other attorneys and then only on a very limited basis. The Virginia Appellate Lawyer’s Court of Appeals Blog will be transferred to the jamessteelelaw.com website in the coming weeks.

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There are tens of thousands of cases filed in the trial court of the Commonwealth every year, but fewer than 4,000 go on to the appellate courts. As a result, most trial lawyers rarely file appeals, and even more rarely see those appeals reviewed in full – in criminal cases 25% of all appeals are dismissed for procedural error on the part of the trial attorney – and having multiple procedural dismissals can result in an attorney being referred for possible disciplinary action.

Avoid the snares and traps of appeals by associating an attorney with experience; I can provide a variety of services law firms, including:

  • Consultation on the viability of appeals
  • Assistance in the preparation of briefs
  • Assuming full responsibility for the appeal, freeing the trial attorney to focus on their practice

Use my experience to strengthen your client’s case.