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When A Civil Trial Verdict Is Unsatisfactory And Merits An Appeal

Not every civil trial verdict is suitable for an appeal. Disappointment over a case outcome is not a sufficient reason to bring an appeal. Rather, an appellate lawyer must demonstrate that a case was flawed in some way to justify this next step.

I am an experienced and respected appellate lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia and my depth and breadth of knowledge can strengthen your chances of getting a better outcome through a well-developed appeal. I welcome inquiries from individuals and businesses whose case outcomes may be headed for an appeal, as well as attorney referrals. When you hire me, you have the opportunity to work with an appellate lawyer who clerked for the Supreme Court of Virginia for 27 years. Take advantage of my experience as you prepare to appeal your case.

Handling A Variety Of Civil Appeals

Your civil trial may have covered a legal conflict such as one of the following:

  • A breach of contract claim
  • A property damage or physical injury claim
  • A defamation claim
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • A dispute between an employee and an employer
  • An environmental law issue dispute or another type of dispute between an individual person or legal entity and a government body

In trials about these and other types of civil law matters, a challenged outcome may lead to an appeal in one of these situations:

  • The judge misinterpreted the law when hearing a case.
  • A key piece of evidence was overlooked, even though it was presented during the trial.
  • There was an error in the trial procedure. This might have been a result of defective legal counsel for the party who seeks to appeal.

Is An Appeal An Option? Request An In-Depth Case Review.

Whatever the subject matter of your civil or criminal trial in Virginia, I am well-prepared to evaluate the outcome to determine whether an appeal is a valid option. Ideally, the attorney who tried your case was diligent about raising questions and issues during the trial, setting the scene for a potential appeal. If your trial has not happened yet, keep in mind that I am available to advise trial lawyers at any stage of a trial. I can help you prepare for an appeal before you know for sure if you will need one.

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