Effective November 1, 2022, the Virginia Appellate Lawyer website and email will not be maintained or monitored and will cease operations after November 30, 2022. Existing clients of John S. Koehler. P.C. may contact Mr. Koehler at this email: [email protected]. Mr. Koehler is no longer accepting new clients except by referral from other attorneys and then only on a very limited basis. The Virginia Appellate Lawyer’s Court of Appeals Blog will be transferred to the jamessteelelaw.com website in the coming weeks.

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Civil Litigation

While my practice is primarily focused on appeals, I am associated with the Law Office of James Steele with locations in Roanoke and Petersburg which can handle matters involving Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Estate Planning for Simple Estates, and Bankruptcy.

Additionally, I work with many fine attorneys throughout Virginia on a variety of civil matters. I am happy to refer clients who are in need of representation at the trial level if I am not to assist them personally.

When involved in civil litigation, it is always important to keep the possibility of appeal in mind. By consulting with the trial attorney before a final order is entered, or even before the trial has been held, I can assure that a sound foundation will be laid for an appeal should one become necessary.