Effective November 1, 2022, the Virginia Appellate Lawyer website and email will not be maintained or monitored and will cease operations after November 30, 2022. Existing clients of John S. Koehler. P.C. may contact Mr. Koehler at this email: [email protected]. Mr. Koehler is no longer accepting new clients except by referral from other attorneys and then only on a very limited basis. The Virginia Appellate Lawyer’s Court of Appeals Blog will be transferred to the jamessteelelaw.com website in the coming weeks.

Appeal Your Case. Get The Justice You Deserve.

Not every verdict is just. I help clients appeal the results of their criminal and civil cases to get the fair treatment and consideration in court they deserve.

Fighting For Clients Throughout Virginia

Fighting For A Successful Civil Appeal

There are many reasons you may want to appeal the decision reached on your civil case. There may have been an error in the court’s process or you may disagree with the judge’s interpretation of the law. Regardless of your reason, you need a persistent and skilled attorney to help you appeal that decision. If you want to appeal a contract dispute, personal injury case, property dispute or other civil case, I will be the pivotal force in your successful appeal.

What To Do When You Disagree With Your Criminal Conviction

Even if you received a criminal conviction, that doesn’t mean your sentence fits the crime. In fact, you may appeal your case for many reasons, including if evidence presented doesn’t support the verdict that was made. If the court made an error in your case or your conviction, call me immediately. I will evaluate the circumstances of your conviction to determine whether an appeal is necessary. If so, I will do everything in my power to fight for the best results possible in your circumstances.

Appellate Services For Law Firms And Individuals

I’m proud to offer my legal services to individuals and law firms alike. If you need to appeal a case for a client but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, I’m able to act of counsel to handle their appeal as efficiently as possible. I will take the time to review why the original verdict was reached and use what was originally overlooked to build a strong argument. I believe that every client deserves justice and I know that not every case initially receives the attention it is due.

Meet The Attorney

John S. Koehler

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